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Hi There...welcome to my 'Impressions' photography site. As it says impressions of horses, cats, dogs and other animals is what its all about.

Visit the gallery and then why not book your own photo session. Memorable images of your animals can last forever, make a great present or just fill that hole in the wall!

You can also order any photo from an event you competed at which is in the gallery.



_MG_9281 Classic Dressage 25th August '13
Hi there,

Sorry for delay in getting these shots up. These are most of the unaffiliated (weather allowing) and the first part of the first affiliated class.

Miserable start to the day meant that everything got wet and it was seriously gloomy.

Cheered up later. Please note these shots are pretty well straight out of the camera. If you need any cropping, brightening, straightening, strange people removing please let me know.

_MG_8938 Classic Dressage 4th Aug '13
Hi there - first 80% or so shots from sunday - more later.

_MG_8477 Classic Dressage 21st July'13
All shots now up.

Hello - Due to the volume I've posted all the shots straight out of camera.

If you are interested in any I would crop/straiten/colour balance etc.. for you.

there's about another 30 or so I'll post tomorrow.


Many thanks for your patience - will start to get the first few classes up later tonight - so please come back.

Or if you drop me a line I'll let you know when they are up.

Caroline_B Classic Dressage 14th July '13
Update - all up now.

Honorable mention to Caroline Baylis for the great action shots - I'll assemble a montage tomorrow.


Hi There - hope to start posting shots around 9pm tonight - took approx 1200 yesterday!!

Come back soon.

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